Gene Velloff

I have known Mike since he was a member of the Ira Samelson Jr Boys and Girls Club. As a Club Director I had the opportunity to observe Mike growing up almost on a daily basis. Even as a youngster he exhibited outstanding leadership skills by showing the ability to get along with his fellow neighbors and the unprivileged youth surrounding a volatile part of town. He not only got along but commanded high respect.

Mike is a very resourceful person, kind, helpful and inspires a Christian path that is admired by others. Recognizing his great leadership quality, I put him in a position to impact our program for teenagers by hiring him as a swimming instructor after he obtained the necessary credentials. He served on my staff during while attending the University of Memphis. After working in the business world for several years I ask him to join my Board of Directors. He served very successfully for many years by raising money and serving on and chairing a number of committees.

Mike is a get it done type of person that will improve the life quality of his surroundings. I highly endorse him to serve faithfully and successfully in any capacity that he pursues.

Respectfully submitted, Gene Velloff, retired after serving forty-three years in youth development.

Casey Condo

Good guy. He cares about all of Lakeland. Not just the people that will agree with him.
The best thing he said to me was “if I were to get elected that doesn’t mean you will like every decision I will make but I will always make what I feel is the best decision for everyone”.
That was an honest answer. Most politicians are just going to wait to hear what is important to you and create an answer that you want to hear from them.
Lakeland need a LEADER with some business sense. Not a CAREER politician that came here to pad his resume before moving on. (Leaving us to pay off the credit cards)

Suzie Richardson

I met Mike 11 years ago when I joined the Mustangs of Memphis car club.

Mike is a straight-talking, hard-working, smart, dedicated guy who I believe will serve the city and ALL the citizens with integrity, humility and fairness.

I support Mike Cunningham for Mayor of Lakeland!


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