For those of you that don’t know Perry Ferrell is the Lakeland Resident that lives on the Lake that recently had a fire and his home was a total loss.

Here are his words he posted today regarding Mayor Bunker’s plans for a Fire Department as well as the Smear campaign flyer he sent to the homes:

Concerning the Bunker mailer.

I am not sure if Wyatt was quoting me on the Fire Department comment or not. If it is, it is a misquote.

During our 20 hour home fire, Wyatt was too busy at a political function, or probably too scared to face the brave firefighters to come by. Very typical of him, especially after reading his Collierville PD record.

I opened my home to Wyatt during his mayoral campaign. I voted for him. I thought I wanted him to win. I am human.

I was told Wyatt had initially posted that the fire was set by arsonists. I haven’t seen that. I don’t know if it’s true that he did such a low down rotten nasty thing.

During our house fire, people I haven’t seen in ages trampled through the maze of vehicles and walked the entire street to offer comfort.

People that we never met came up to pray with us. Others went after food for the firefighters and for us. Some cooked. Heckfire, the manager from the new McDonald’s on 64 came up with a big wad of coupons for free meals. I had never met the lady. She is a truly great person, with fries !

It was election night. Wyatt was busy collaborating with political cronies. Very poor taste. He did come by after all the firefighters had left and the fire equipment was gone.

But, Mike Cunningham was there for three hours. That was the second time I met Mike. The other time was in passing, a few words spoken and then we parted.

Mike was around with a few of my close friends during the fire. He horned his way in through the maze and was welcomed. Not for political gain, but for comfort someone he met briefly. He’s a man’s man.

Remember it was a 20 hour fire, 36 pieces of equiptment, 55 firefighters that all have full employment and benefits (FYI, 33% of Wyatt’s firefighters will have no benefits). Who would work for “no benefits” these days ? That’s his fantasy to help make his bucket brigade more economical.

Now, back to the quote. If that was my quote, it was grossly inaccurate.

So we know that Wyatt never saw the total dedication of the SCFD. He never saw the fire. Again, when there was fire, he was writing parking tickets. He ain’t changed. We also know that playing politics is more important to him than compassion.

Being aloof from the event and not witnessing the skill and integrity of a professional, well trained and well equipped fire department, Wyatt was playing politics.

Wyatt didn’t see Chief Benson up on the aerial ladder barking orders, taking heat and smoke. A true Chief. Wyatt didn’t see the firefighters taking oxygen and suffering from exhaustion from the heat and fumes. He never said so much as howdy to the firefighter that fell 15 feet when the floor collapsed underneath him. I hugged him.

I took my golf car up the street, that was impassible with a truck, running through yards etc., and met a fire vehicle and transported over twenty five bottles of breathing air to the firefighters myself after the initial 30 bottles were depleted. I think Nero, sorry Wyatt, was drinking white wine during that time, or was it red, I’m really not sure.

Too late, and later the next day when Wyatt arrived, and when he brought the topic of the fire department up, what I said was “that is the stupidest idea I have ever heard and I don’t care if it might save money” and it still is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. There are some things more valuable than money. We are counting our blessings, everyday. We know.

I’m not in favor of a revamped Hooverville Fire Department led by Chief Wolf. That is Wyatt’s creation. It’s no dream, it’s a nightmare.

One building was lost. Not multiple homes. No residents were hurt. What would have happened with Ebb and Mr. Haney in charge ? I think you know.

Some off duty firefighters arrived before all the stationed personnel arrived. They all yelled for my special needs son by his name repeatedly. They knew where he lived and where his bedroom was. They knew his name because each firefighter is a part of this community and interacts. That’s what good firefighters do.

They didn’t wait life threatening minutes for “back up” like Chief Wolf wants to implement. They charged in without hesitation. They questioned me repeatedly to make sure. Then they ran a thorough room to room check, just to be absolutely sure. They asked about pets inside. The SCFD firefighters are bold and brave.

Saving lives and property without hemming and hawing around is always more important than money to everyone except the coldest at heart.

Also, it is very important to mention the SCSO. What an amazing group of people they are. The deputies are all Top Notch. Thank You.

Only a fool, sorry I meant to say an “out going mayor,” would be so in-compassionate to try to offer a front line teary eyed victim, who was up all night, with a distraught bride, who has to explain to his son why we have no home, who lost everything with only the clothes on their back, “a better plan” when he knowingly skipped the fire for the sake of politics.

Some things are not about politics. I personally gave Mike Cunningham permission to politicize the fire.

Wyatt and his cronies do not have that permission.

I do not want to see others hurt or property lost unnecessarily for the far and remote outside longshot chance to possibly save money for his political gain.

Only insecure people desire to control others.

Mr. Outgoing Mayor, cease and desist from handing out flyers with my misquoted words from a private conversation we had. You do not have my permission to share that. And it was a misquote also. You stole something that was not yours.

By the way, which elementary class made up the mailer?

  • Perry Ferrell 9/25/2018