“Please understand.
The SCFD is far and beyond any expectations of a revamped Hooverville Fire Department as proposed by the present mayor.
Listen and listen well my neighbors.
We all have seen “It’s a Wonderful Life”.
Yesterday and today, I was Jimmy Stewart in the last scene.
Do not be fooled….. Vote Mike Cunningham to keep you and your loved ones safe 24/7.
There is no savings in fire protection. You get what you pay for. Do you want to go to the moon with a capsule built by the lowest bidder ?
So much depth and professionalism of the SCFD. ROCK ON !
The house is a total loss. No loss of life and no collateral damage.
High winds engulfed the roof in less than five minutes.
The off duty firefighters and neighbors chipped in and without hesitation ran up and guaranteed the safety of our lives. These guys worked live Turkish slaves until midnight and were again at work at 6:30 back at our home.
Vote to insure the safety of your loved ones.
Thank You, The “A” Team of firefighters. My family will not forget.”

Perry, Sonek and Glenn.