Setting the Record Straight # 2

As I have said numerous times, I will not engage in the constant bickering back and forth on Social Media… That said, when I post information on my Mayoral Facebook page and website, it is for everyone to read with the intent to help educate fellow citizens about issues we face together as a city, or explain my position on certain initiatives. It seems clear that some people only want to jump to conclusions, call it fake news, make comments that are counterproductive, completely inappropriate, or they are trying to stir the pot (“for fun”)…. I’ve also noticed that when I do respond to a legitimate question; several times, based on my answer, the person asking deletes their post which also deletes my reply…. Why? Was my answer correct and did it disprove your narrative?

I ask you, how is this helping heal our differences? How does this help us find solutions to be successful as a city? Please take a moment and think about something…. Think about how much time you spent last night, with the constant back and forth commenting on the Chief Benson post….. Then consider, what if that time was spent with your family, your children, volunteering for an outreach program at your church, or volunteering at a charity? …. “Time” is something we can NEVER get back…. We have to realize that the constant bickering on Facebook will never solve our problems and will only lead to worsening the division in our city…. Going forward, I ask you all, please think before you comment…. If I write something you disagree with, that’s fine, we can agree to disagree. Once again, I will not engage in counterproductive conversations on social media.

Thank you for understanding, Mike