Setting the Record Straight – #1

I feel it necessary to address a mailer sent out last week by my opponent. It was nothing more than a slam at me and my fellow candidates. I had been warned that because my opponent is a career politician, he is exceptional at mud-slinging. But it was a weak attempt to twist my words, as well as those of citizens who stand with me in my campaign to bring our city together. It was to make you believe that I don’t want Lakeland to grow, and that I want to take it back in time. Let me be perfectly clear, that is simply NOT true. As I have said numerous times, I am NOT a career politician. I am NOT looking to build a resume. I AM merely stepping up to serve YOU. I can assure you I am NOT in this for money, power, or fame. I DO genuinely care about what is and is not happening to help us grow. I am worried about the lack of stewardship of OUR tax dollars. Many members of my family live here, so I passionately care about the future. It is where my wife and I decided to make our forever home, as did those family members I speak of. We have only the best interest in helping our city be the best it can be because it offers something for everyone.

So, you see, the mailer has absolutely NO merit. In fact, my opponent slings mud so he doesn’t have to address what he hasn’t done for ALL citizens of Lakeland. That’s what politicians do. He could have used his mailer to give us more information about how he plans to spend our tax dollars, and why he is suddenly spending reserves to fund projects. We deserve to know. His mailer provided no substance as to why he should continue to be mayor. It actually proves his tactics are not professional, nor do they represent the idea of what a city leader should be.