BOC Forum at New Salem Church 10-18-2018

This video features the BOC candidates only.

The view 38002 has the entire debate on their Facebook page.

The only edits were to remove the school board members.

Time Mark Speaker
00:00 Mike Cunningham (Mayoral Candidate)
4:20 Wyatt Bunker  (Mayoral Candidate)
10:13 Mike Cunningham (Mayoral Candidate)
15:00 Wyatt Bunker (Mayoral Candidate)
25:50 Mike Cunningham (Mayoral Candidate)
28:45 Michael Green (BOC Candidate)
32:00 Michelle Dial (BOC Candidate)
35:24 Jeremy Burnett (BOC Candidate)
38:45 Richard Gonzales (BOC Candidate)
42:20 Michael Green (BOC Candidate)
45:35 Michelle Dial (BOC Candidate)
48:50 Jeremy Burnett (BOC Candidate)
52:10 Richard Gonzales (BOC Candidate)
55:30 Wyatt Bunker  (Mayoral Candidate)
57:50 Mike Cunningham (Mayoral Candidate)
1:01:00 Michael Green (BOC Candidate)
1:03:50 Michelle Dial (BOC Candidate)
1:06:55 Jeremy Burnett (BOC Candidate)
1:09:58 Richard Gonzales (BOC Candidate)